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Will James is a musicians musician. There is no label or box to define his unique brand, sound, or the incomparable joy that he conveys through his live performances. He is often compared, with nostalgia, to iconic rock legends from the 80’s era. In truth, his inspiration and styling began as a deep love of 80’s hard, metal, and glam rock. But he has given those roots a modern and thoroughly up-to-date image. His versatility has shown through in his ability to effortlessly switch from classical, rock, hip hop, and even gospel, which are among the projects he has been a part of. His belief is that music should always be an experience, and his fans always get one! 


He has to date performed with the great Mark Wood of Trans-Siberian fame, the legendary Laura Kaye, Jason Gianni (Drummer for The Ultimate Queen Extravaganza), Val Vigoda (Disney musical composer), Brett Ensley, (award-winning film score composer), and Joy Holden (gospel artist). Will has also starred in several tv commercials. He is currently touring with “Shot Thru The Heart” -The Bon Jovi Experience, Sunset Strip, a glam rock band and will soon be releasing his own EP on multiple digital platforms. 


Driven, focused, yet insanely adaptable, and easy to work with, he leaves it all on the stage every single time!! 

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